Using The Computer On The Beach

by carartlog

ArtMaui_4256The first day we were here Daphne found this coral plug on the beach.  OK for Christmas lights or some small desk lamps but doesn’t work for the computer owing to lack of third ground plug. We searched for a three prong for three days.dAPHmAI_3983Came up with this European plug but we are in the USA so I didn’t bother to bring my Universal Plug Travel Adapter. So the search went on.dAPHmAI_3982Finally a good three prong so I can plug in the computer.  But because we are so close to the water I really need one with a GFI plug.  ( Ground Fault interrupter)dAPHmAI_3981At last a GFI plug.  Good thing we found it or you would not be getting this blog.