Preparing for your Portrait Session

Beautiful and memorable portraits do not just happen, they are carefully planned. We know just how to capture your special expression. You will be photographed in an artistic and flattering way that will add a dimension of luxury to your portrait. We can not accomplish this, however, without your help. Following are some basic guidelines to ensure the very best results for you.

1. Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors that may tend to draw attention away from the face.

2. For adults and older children long sleeves are best. Short skirts are difficult for posing.

3. Cute play clothes are distracting. Select clothing that is traditional and timeless. Avoid logos.

4. Co-ordinate your clothing from head to toe. Remember shoes and socks.

5. For group portraits, color co-ordination is essential. Busy colors and patterns are distracting while a color theme will unify the group.

We are here to help. In your planning session we will discuss these principles and answer any questions you may have. We will select a background most suitable to your needs.

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